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Stop missing out on earnings and maximize your profit.

Optimize your helium miner with our advanced Helium Antenna, military-grade FLARM Booster and professional Cavity Filter.

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Helium Miner

Want your own helium miner? The cheapest helium hotspot in stock with FREE 1-3 days delivery.

Helium antenna

Upgrade your helium hotspot with our advanced LoRa antenna and increase your profits.

Flarm Booster

Maximize your earnings with our military-grade FLARM Booster Helium Amplifier.

Why You Are Missing Out On Helium Earnings

The Helium Network is build to deploy hotspots in an easy an cheap way. Because it is easy and cheap, the hotspot is not optimized in its capabilities. Just with the slightest effort you can double the earnings  and for people with a well placed hotspot or a good location triple or quatrible!

Missing HNT earnings
Solution to bad earning hotspots
Example of bad earning Helium hotspot
Example of increases of HNT earnings

Solve it with FLARM Booster Helium Amplifier.

Having your miner placed inside,  it is almost a must to have the FLARM Booster.

Before the signal from other hotspots has reached your hotspot, the signal has been deflected by a lot of obstacles and finally has to penetrate your house, meaning your hotspot can’t hear the signal because it is too weak. The FLARM Booster will help you solve this problem by increasing the strength of the incoming signal from other hotspots. This will result in receiving a lot more signals from other hotspots that are too weak to be recognized by your hotspot on this moment.

Other Solutions To Low Earning Helium Hotspot

The second-best action is to replace your antenna with a high-quality one with more signal strength. Getting the right antenna for your miner setup can improve your HNT earnings. Not only you can order the best antenna on our site, but we also have a complete guide about the antenna placement, gain, and direction.


Example of solutions to increase HNT earnings
Explanation SAW filter vs Cavity filter

Filter The Noise To Get Pure Signals And Boost Your Earnings

The final very affective way to increase you earnings is using a cavity filter. The cavity filter will help you hear hotspots which signal is to weak and overrulled by signals from other devices.  This is called noice and the Cavity filter is keeping this noice level down.

A Revolutionary Way Of Mining Crypto

By deploying a Helium Hotspot in your home or office you provide coverage for the Helium network and earn HNT. There are many Hotspot vendors to choose from and all the Hotspots together form a global wireless network. Mining HNT with Hotspots is done by radio technology, so you don’t need an expensive GPU.

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Do you want more info about maximizing your Hotspots income or about how to get the best miner setup. Just check our blog page for the newest information about the Helium hotspot.

Troubles With Installing Your Helium Miner?

Installing your Helium Hotspot is quite simple. You just connect the Hotspot to the Network and assert its location. But when you want to optimize and use a Flarm Booster or Cavity Filter you need to install them in the right way. Need some help with your installation, watch our installation tips.

Display installation Helium miner
Example of the accessories and installation tools

All Installation Tools And Accessories You Need

When you buy a Helium Hotspot it will not include all the materials you probably need to install the Helium Miner. Especially when you decide to install the miner on your roof you need some rooftop installation materials. This is why we have all the materials you need in stock.