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Triple Your Earnings With Our FLARM Booster

Compensate your losses with a Helium Flarm Booster and start earning real money.

Everything about how to increase the incoming signal and reach more hotspots.

Helium flarm booster product
Helium flarm booster amplifier product

Militairy Grade Helium FLARM Booster Amplifier – RX10


Helium flarm booster amplifier product

Militairy Grade Helium FLARM Booster Amplifier – RX17


What Is A FLARM Booster Helium Amplifier?

Get a significant boost in Helium Miner Performance with a FLARM Booster. A FLARM Booster is a Helium Amplifier which can actively increase the signal strength and range of your Helium Miner up to 32 times, so you can witness much more Helium Hotspots.

As you probably know the Helium Network sends signals through radio waves. These radio waves operate in the LoRaBand range frequency, which is  very low frequency band. This results in signals that can travel a very long distance, but are easily weakened by obstacles such as walls, trees and mountains.

The main problem is,  that a lot of signals from other hotspots are too weak to be received by your hotspot. This is one of the major causes of low-earning hotspots. Also, your setup will cause signal loss too, for example if you use a long cable, extra filter or even a lightning arrester.

Losing signal strength within your setup is something you can’t get rid of. But minimizing this loss is necessary.

With an amplifier, you can gain back these lost signals and more! This means you can cover an area much bigger than before and will have much more witnesses.

Signal strength

The maximum signal strength of the Helium Network in the EU is 16,5 dBi, which is not very strong.

RX & TX Signal

Amplify your incoming RX signal with a FLARM Booster to increase your witnesses and earnings.

Lost Signals

Every component of your Helium Miner will create loss of the valuable incoming signal.

Signal Strength: What Does The FLARM Booster Do?

In most countries, there are regulations for the dBi output of radio waves. In Europe, there is a maximum of 16,5 dBi output power, which is quite low.

In contrast, in the US the maximum output power is 27 dBi. This does not seem like a big difference, but dBi is a logarithmic scale, which means every 3 dBi increase is a doubling in signal strength.

This makes a 27 dBi signal 11.37 times stronger signal then a 16.5 dBi signal.

Because every Helium Miner can only transmit at 16,5 dBi, some of the incoming signals are not strong enough to be succesfully used by your Helium Hotspot.

A FLARM Booster Helium Amplifier can increase your signal strength up to a stunning 17 dBi, all within EU Regulations!

Explanation Helium amplifier

Everything About TX & RX Signals

In addition, you probably know that your Helium Miners sends and receives signals.

The incoming signal is the RX signal, the transmitted signal is the TX signal.

Most rewards in the Helium Network are earned by witnessing incoming signals from other hotspots. Also, the transmitting signal of your Helium Miner is always limited to 14 Hotspots by the Helium Network.


The TX frequency

This is the transmitted signal from your Helium Hotspot.


The RX frequency

This is the incoming (receiving) signal on your Helium Hotspot.

Therefore, it has no real use to amplify the TX signal, unless you are transmitting to less then 14 hotspots.

When you do amplify the TX signal, you are also at risk of exceeding the EU Regulations.

In conclusion, what you want to amplify is the RX signal, so you can receive much more signals from other Helium Hotspots and skyrocket your earnings!

Lost Signals: Cable Length & Connectors On Your Helium Miner

On every Helium Miner, there are multiple connectors, cables and other components which will create a loss in signal strength.

Every component between the LoraWan Chip of your Helium Miner and the Antenna, counts for this signal loss.

For example, a Pisces Miner with the Helium Antenna fit directly on the Miner, still has 3 connectors between the LoraWan Chip and the Antenna, which will cause between 1.5 dBi and 3 dBi loss. As you know, a 3dBi loss, means just 50% the original signal strength!

Placing a Flarm Booster Helium Amplifier will make up for these losses and increase your earnings.


Every connector will result in a dBi loss of 0.5 up to 1 dBi.

Coaxial Cables

There are a lot of different coaxial cables that you can use to connect your antenna.