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Improve Your Signal And Increase Your Earnings

Optimize your Helium Miner with a Cavity Filter or SAW Filter to filter out the valuable signals and decrease the Signal Noise.

Learn everything about Cavity Filters & SAW Filters, what they do, when to use them and which one to choose.

Helium cavity filter product
Helium cavity filter product

Helium Cavity Filter


Helium SAW filter product

Helium Saw Filter


Why You Need A Helium Filter

Just like WiFi and Bluetooth, the Helium Network communicates through radio waves, a form of communication that has existsed for very long. Over the past years, the amount of devices that communicate through radio waves has grown a lot. Devices like your phone, laptop, and much more all communicate through the air.

At first, this doesn’t look like a problem, because all the devices communicate on another frequency. But in reality, your Helium Miner receives lots of signals from these other devices and frequencies. These received signals we call interference. The interference signals can block lots of the signals from other miners, which means your miner will earn less HNT.

To better understand the problem we have an example:

Imagine that a friend is telling you a story, and you asre trying to understand what he is saying.

Unfortunately, you are in the middle of a lot of people, all screaming in different languages.

Because of the screaming, you can’t hear your friend good enough to make sense of what he is saying. 

This is exactly what happens if you are not using a Cavity Filter or SAW Filter on your Helium Miner setup. Signals from other devices can be a lot stronger than the signals from the Helium Miners you want to hear, this will cause your miner to earn less HNT. Luckily, you can easily fix this problem by adding a Cavity Filter to your Helium Miner setup!

Why you need a Helium Filter

Lots of devices communicate trough the air. These devices can block lots of signals from other Helium Miners, which means you are losing HNT!

Cavity Filter Vs Saw Filter

What is the difference between a Cavity Filter and a SAW Filter and which one do I need for my Helium Hotspot setup?

How to Instal a Cavity filter

It is important to install the Cavity Filter or SAW Filter in the right place on your setup. Everything about Helium Filter Installation.

Cavity Filter VS SAW Filter: Which one is the best?

When you decide that you want to use a filter on your Helium miner setup you can choose from two options. The first one is a Saw Filter, the second one a Cavity Filter. Most people who decide to upgrade their miner setup just buy a filter but don’t compare the performance. Both filters will filter the noise of your Helium Miner but there are some differences which we will explain down below.

SAW Filter

The Saw Filter is a small filter that can be mounted in between the antenna and your Helium Miner. Some Helium Miners already have a saw filter built-in when it is produced. 

Cavity Filter

Cavity Filters are widely used by the wireless industry for wireless systems from 1G to 5G as well as in private and military communication systems. The Cavity Filter is much bigger than the Saw Filter because of the wider broad frequency.

Let’s Compare:

We start with the Saw Filter (Surface Acoustic Waves Filter). The production of a Saw Filter is really easy and cheap, you just mount a certain piece of metal onto a piezoelectric plate and that’s it. What happens is that the electric energy converts into acoustic or mechanical energy, after this the Saw Filter filters the right signal and then converts it back into an electric signal.

The cavity filter has a cylinder with a pole in the middle which is twisted to ¼ of the length of the wave of the Helium frequency. The more cylinders the cavity filter has, the easier it is for the right signal to pass through with les signal loss. Another advantage is that the cavity filter also acts as a lightning arrester because of the way the cylinders are connected. It is important to have a lightning arrester on your setup, but when you not need it because of the Cavity Filter you will gain at least 3dB! (Normally you will loose this gain because of the signal loss). The advantage of 3dB gain can result in hearing more hotspots, sometimes the advantage is equal to 100 hotspots if the location is right.  

So in conlusion, when you use the Saw Filter it comes with a big disadvantage of having a minimal signal loss of 3 dB compared to the Cavity Filter with 0.5 dB signal loss. Also the Saw filter does not include the lightning arrester integration.

Ending with a small calculation: when using a Saw Filter over a Cavity Filter, you will have a 3dB loss on the Saw Filter and also 3dB loss on the Lightning Arrestor.  This creates a adisadvantage of 5.5dB signal loss in total, which is equal to missing signals from about 180 Hotspots!

How To Install A Cavity Filter?

When you decide to use a Cavity Filter or a SAW Filter on your Helium Miner setup you need to think about the placement in your setup.

We highly recommend placing the filter as close as possible to the Helium Antenna as possible.

This way, all the signals you do not need are filtered before entering your system or cables, producing less signal loss and leaving more space for valuable signals from other Helium Miners!

Explain install cavity filter

Why Is This The Best Cavity Filter For Your Helium Miner?

Some of the Cavity Filters in the market are very cheap, because their filter levels are very high. Unfortunately this goes hand-in-hand with a high Insertion Loss. (The signal loss from adding a extra device to your setup)

Our Cavity Filter has a super low Insertion Loss of just 0.5 dBi which is among the best you will find.

Besides the Insertion Loss, the Bandwith of your Cavity Filter is very important. The wider the Bandwith is, the more Signal Noise the Cavity Filter will let trough.

Our narrow bandwidth (867-869 MHz) is perfect for the Helium Network.

Do you want to know how you can compensate for the signal loss and noise even more? Check out our Military-Grade FLARM Booster Helium Amplifier.