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Lighning Arrester

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  • 50Ohm Impedance
  • Protection Against Kinetic Energy
  • High Signal Loss in Comparison With Cavity Filter


46 in stock


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Product Details


Why You Should Buy A Lightning Arrester

To start off, a Lightning arrester will not stop a direct lightning strike on your hotspot, it will just destroy your whole setup. But the odds of this happening are very low. In fact, the Lightning arrester saves your miner from getting burnt by static electricity that builds up during certain weather conditions. The static electricity is coming via the antenna to the miner and burns the radio chip. This often happens when it is winter and the air is dry and cold. People tend to discharge the importance of this because they forget how easy it is to actually create static electricity. For example, walking over a carpet, or rubbing over a balloon. Also a combination of an air cooler with high temperatures outside can create static electricity.

Other Options To Protect Your Miner

Buying a Lightning arrester sure is a good idea, but you might want to try something else. For example buying a grounded antenna, please make sure to mount the antenna to something that is grounded. The best option is to buy a Cavity filter. The Cavity filter acts as a lightning arrester and therefore saving you from cutting into your own hands, want to know how? Please click here.


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Lighning Arrester